Core Competencies

Induction Hardening

Diameter: Ø4~Ø8
Length:40mm max.

To exceed the expectation of our customers, in 2019 Funda invested and implemented in-house induction hardenning process. Induction hardening is absolutely a critical process with zero tolerance for quality issues. All the products we produce will go through eddy current sorting to ensure no NG outflow.

Induction hardening uses induction current to heat the surface of the material and then performs quenching and tempering. As a result, the surface hardness of the heated area can be reached without hardening the areas that doesn't need to be hardened.

Advantages of induction hardening:
1) It can be selectively processed while taking into account the ductility of the centre.
2) Increase fatigue strength
3) Uniform surface hardness
4) Very small deformation, not easy to bend
5) Minimize the oxide film to maintain product accuracy