Main Products


Valve Adjusting Screw

This screw allows you to set the valve clearance between the valve stem and the cam via the screw on top of the push rod


1. Complex and long process which requires solid quality management capabilities
2. High wear resistant, high fatigue strength
3. Assembly with high precision and controllable incline angle

Brake System

Brake caliper guide pins

Brake caliper guide pins are two round metal pins on each brake caliper where the brake piston assembly sits. They're called guide pins because they're responsible for guiding the proper angle for how the brake pad meets the disc.


1. Critical forming precision
2. Intransigence qulity requirement

Passanger Seat

Recliner Adjustment Pin

Recliner adjustment Pin is an important part which allows the user to adjust the reclining angle.


1. Tortuous geometry
2. Critical tolerance
3. Slitting achieved by forming.

Control Cable

Eye End


1. Complex geometry
2. Secondary Operation by stamping


Pivot Pin


1. Re-heading process to avoid scrap and process fee
2. Multiple secondary operation
3. High precision for the shank

Wheel Hub

Wheel Bolt Stud


1. Complex cold forming geometry
2. Serration by forming
3. Internal hole formed without tapping


Terminal Stud


1. Eccentric geometry by cold forming
2. Tin plating makes the workpiece easy to weld and has good electrical conductivity.
3. Special plating ensures easy welding


Double End Shouder Rivet


1. Net shape without secondary operation
2. Difficult transfer between process