Core Competencies

Roll Forming

Thread Size: M3~M20
Thread Length: 140mm max.

Roll forming is a process where the shape of the metal is reformed when a torsional force is applied.

Roll forming isn't a new technology for Funda, but in recent years we have advanced our technology which enables us to produce more than just machine screws, and self tapping screws. We can now offer groove, chamfer, pointed end, round end, serration and knurling. We can also deliver rolling after heat treatment for various grades up to grade 12.9 to improve the strength and durability of our thread.

There are how many types thread rolling?
What are the differences of each thread rolling process?
There are three types of machinese for producing threads; "flat die", "planetary roller" and "cylindrical roller". The advantages of flat die is its sound production output and low cost die.
The advantage of cylindrical roller is its high precision and quick setup. The advantage of planetary roller is its production output but the machine & tooling cost is very high.