Core Competencies

Tooling Design

To ensure we are capable to meet the wide range of requirements of our customer, our engineers are pushing themselves step by step and year by year to refine our technology.

To assist our customer to lower production cost, we will put ourselves into the customer's shoes to seek for the most economical process to deliver the final product as close as possible to the net shape.

Since 1965 and up to now, we have designed more than 3,000 sets of toolings. Everytime we are entrusted with a new project, it is our opportunity to adavance and to innovate. The customers we serve are from diversified industries such as automotive, motorcycle, truck, atv, argicultural, electrical, industrial, medical, motorsport etc.

Since we have these rich experience in tooling design and prodcution it makes us one of the most outstanding cold forming suppliers in Taiwan that provides high quality, high precision and high added value cold formed products for our worldwide customers.