Core Competencies

Cold Forming

Maximum Forging Stations: 6 Die 6 Blow
Length: 200mm max.
Material: Low carbon, mid carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, brass

Funda is equipped with many advanced cold forming machines and we have a solid team with numerous outstanding engineers and operators. Our 55 years experience is pass down from generation to generation through continuous on job training and standardization.

We are proud of our multi-station progressive cold forming technology. Cold forming is a process where metal is deformed into a tungsten carbide under high speed and force. When the force applied on the metal exceeds its elastic zone and enters the plastic zone then the metal's shape will forever change and never return to its original shape.

There are basically two types of machines used for cold forming; "Double stroke header" and "Multi-Station progressive header". The process of double stroke header is when the metal is blown in the same die twice. Hence we also call this process a "one die two blow" process. The process of multi-station progressive header is when metal is carried from one station to another by the transferring gadget called "finger" after each blow. Hence a process with 5 stations is called "5 die 5 blow"

The advantages of cold forming comprise:
1) Unlike machining It will not damage the fibre flow of the metal and the metal can gain higher tensile strength through work hardening.
2) Suitable for large volume mass production
3) HIgh speed, high precision and high stability
4) Environmental friendly: near zero scrap waste and can produce blanks close to or to net shape to minimize secondary operation.
5) Improves product's surface roughness